Successful real estate investing requires knowledge of the housing market. This can only be obtained through practical experience. We’re a dedicated, hardworking, and experienced team that works with investors from all over the world. We know what the market offers, we know what investors want and we work hard to deliver outstanding numbers to them. 

Today’s investors are no longer bound by location; they are more interested in their returns on investment and doing business with trustworthy companies.
Our mission is to provide a simplified, trustworthy and professional platform for investors to build wealth, lifestyles and legacies through the United States Real Estate market.

We empower investors with simply proven systems, opportunities and strategies. We offer investors a unique path to some of the most “value-added” investment properties especially in the Southern regions of the United States of America. Our primary focus is the city of Atlanta, in the state of Georgia. However, we have partners in all 50 U.S. states that can easily help facilitate deals.

Why Atlanta & Why Now?

– #1 Rental market in the U.S. (Forbes Magazine)
– 4th Best city in the U.S. to invest in (CNN Money)              – 2nd Best American city to relocate
– #1 Least costly city in the U.S. to do business
– The Premier growth city in Southern U.S.
– Home to the World Busiest Airport by passenger count (Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport)
– Global Headquarters of Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, CNN, UPS, the Home Depot.

Our objective is to deliver a service to clients that can be utilized to create true financial gain. Our motto is simple: “To Under promise and Over deliver with Honesty, Integrity and Reliability”. We always uncover the best deals available in the market; our clients trust and rely on our service. 

Why not invest your funds in a Trusted and Tested market? The U.S. Real Estate market (Especially Atlanta) is hot right now.

Our investment strategies depend on the level of an investor’s capital commitment (available cash) as well as the intended Cap rate, we focus on the following options that return high yields:

Fix and Flip – Short Term: How much interest are you enjoying on that money sitting in your Savings account? How about getting paid up to double digit returns within a Year or less? We flip with absolutely 100% CASH! Buying low distressed properties (mostly foreclosed or dilapidated), rehabilitating & then selling for Profits. This entire process from purchase to selling the home takes less than a Year, per Project. 

Buy and Hold – Rental homes: This is well designed for investors who prefer to start low and be conservative. We take into consideration, several criteria that ensure which investment strategy best suits the investor (long or short term rentals) as well as your desired Cap rate. 

Real Estate Development and Construction: From start to finish, our partners; developers, builders, inspectors, surveyors, contractors and architects can plan out a Project for our investor(s). It includes buying extensive plots of land, developing & building a block of individual homes (Attached or Detached) which are then sold to qualified buyers. 100% cash funding or Commercial Mortgage Loans apply to this option. This model is suitable for institutional investors.


Shine Adeyemi is a Multi Lingual REALTOR® based in Atlanta, GA and fluent in English, French, Polish, Yoruba and Fon languages. His passion for Real Estate is second to none. He’s a full time Real Estate Consultant, Instructor and Investor.
In less than 5 years, Shine has built his brand around some of the most talented, respected and industry leading partners in the U.S. Real Estate market. Within this short while, Shine’s Team raised $935,871+ (cash) from investors worldwide and turned these funds into double digit returns on investment. The Team is passionate about helping everyone and serving all communities.

Shine Adeyemi is an MBA Graduate in Financial Services and also holds a Master of Arts degree in Economy & Society. He is a Life member of the Metropolitan College of New York Alumni Association and a member of AIESEC International. When not selling Real Estate, he actively volunteers at his home church; Victory World Church in Norcross, GA. He is a member of the Cobb Board of REALTORS® and serves diligently on the Governmental Affairs Committee. 


Sales, Acquisitions, Investments.

To Learn More, Email us: adesina@kw.com OR shinesellsatlanta@gmail.com


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